Subscription plan is very affordable and starting from $15.99 you can build amazingly Unlimited Roku Channels.


These are the features that we've been working on.

Youtube URL

Able to add any Youtube video url format as a streaming link of the video.

Easy Create

Much more user-friendly and easy to understand with the new interface on creating multiple channels.

Category PIN

With simple and list screen you can enable the PIN security for categories.

Build Once

No need to resubmit the channel everytime you made changes to manifest splash screen.

Nested Categories

Allows users to create unlimited nested categories to help organize their content better


Enables users to change any Roku screen and apply to each category without resubmitting your channel.

Device Linking

Enables customers enters the link code to establish a linkage between the device and the customer account.

Partnership Program

Use the integrated partnership program to create your own subscription based package for you channel's customers.

Multi-Storage Platform

Supports storage platforms like Youtube, AmazonS3, Vimeo, FTP and more to come.

Video Security

Enables to set PIN code to each video to help protect your video from unauthorized access.

Online Users

Automatically adds customer's device info who have been accessed into your channel.


With the pre-made channel themes, helps users to build channels instantly.


A fully-guided and step-by-step that helps building Roku Channel instantly.


Supports video ad and vast tags that natively integrates baseline and advanced advertising capabilities.

User Friendly

Simple navigations and intuitive feel that make the app easy-to-use.


Support charts to help visualize a lot of data in a way that can be quickly digested.