Thank you for checking FindStep Roku Channel Maker. This app is intended for DEMONSTRATION purposes only. Please expect to encounter non-working functionality and some minor bug since this is the lower version of the app.

About The Founder and Developer

FindStep Roku Channel Maker was founded in June 20, 2014 as a simple CMS application, and created alone by Christopher Natan the founder and developer of this web and roku application.

Great enhancements took place in August 2014, it supports automatic Roku Channel creation, subscriptions, and partnership programs.
In July 2015, the FindStep Roku Channel App acquired US-based company.

Technology and Tools

  • Ideas and conceptualization
  • PHP with CakePHP Framework
  • CSS Bootstrap 3 and jQuery
  • Roku Brightscript
  • Java, AWS
  • MySQL, LucidChart, Oracle Virtual Machine
  • IntelliJ, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator
  • Bash command and automation

Source Code

You can check the client side javascript codes at github: And the BrightScript codes at


Special thanks the following inspiring people.

Ethan Mesmer, Thusyanthan Selvarajah, Jerry Caloroso, Douglas Best, Joel Braverman, Emile Wendeu, Nana Tawiah and many more...