Thank you for exploring FindStep Roku Channel Maker. I would like to express my gratitude for your interest in this awesome application, which is currently showcased for demonstration purposes and as part of my portfolio, this app have been acquired by a prominent US company.

While navigating through the app, please be aware that this is an old version, and you may encounter some non-working functionalities and minor bugs. And the automatic channel creation is also disabled because it uses a real Roku Devices in the server that automates the creation and it is not intended here.

Journey into the Founder/Developer

Founded on June 20, 2014, by the dedicated Founder/Developer, Christopher Natan, FindStep Roku Channel Maker initially emerged as a straightforward CMS application and a Roku Channel Creator.

As a testament to continuous innovation, significant strides were made in August 2014, introducing advanced features such as Automated Roku Channel creation, subscription capabilities, and the initiation of partnership programs. Building on this success, in July 2015, FindStep Roku Channel App achieved a major milestone by acquiring a reputable US-based company, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. This journey of evolution showcases the commitment to excellence and the continual pursuit of providing cutting-edge solutions to the users.

My Essential Toolbox Revealed (Year 2014)

The spark for this innovative Automatic Roku Channel Creator ignited in my mind, fueled by inspiration drawn from the incredible individuals that surround me.

  • Brightscript - Roku Device Programming Language
  • PHP 5.6 with CakePHP Framework
  • CSS Bootstrap 3
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • Java for Android and Amazon FireTV
  • Python and Bash script for Automation
  • MySQL for Database
  • IntelliJ, Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator
  • Git, Github
  • Roku Device, TV
  • Payment System using Paypal, Payza
  • Hosted in Amazon with AWS (Year 2015)

Source Code

Dive into the fascinating world of coding as I open the doors to the lower echelons of JavaScript Source code and the brilliance of BrightScript that I'm eager to share. As you observe my source code structure it is focused on Readable, Manageable and Scalable approach - and that is me.

Note: Backend API Source Code is not included for sharing. But I created a library called CakeStrap which is embedded in the backend. This is a lower version and I no longer support. I switched to NodeJS and Java Springboot.

Incredible Individuals

A heartfelt shout-out to the incredible individuals who surrounded me during the development of this app — their unwavering support and inspiration played a pivotal role in shaping its creation.

Ethan Mesmer, Thusyanthan Selvarajah, Jerry Caloroso, Douglas Best, Joel Braverman, Emile Wendeu, Nana Tawiah and more...

Video Demo

Experience the magic of this app come to life in a captivating video overview, bringing its features and functionalities into focus like never before.

Cloud Adventure with Google Cloud

Embarking on the Cloud Adventure! Findstep's Webapps Find a New Home with Cmnworks in the Expansive Realm of Google Cloud (Originally hosted in Amazon using AWS - Year 2015), Now this lower version of App is Expertly Crafted and Configured by Yours Truly from the Ground Up with the following:

  • Compute Cloud
  • Linux Debian 11
  • Using MariaDB
  • SSL Configured, SSH
  • Using Cloud Storage
  • Configured Cloud DNS
  • Firewall and Security
  • and Other GC Services